Steriliser Thermometric Testing


H.T.M. and Beyond

Our technicians are all qualified to asses the conformity of any steriliser against the demands of all relevant H.T.M.s. We have numerous contracts with a variety of service providers within the health service.

Dental practitioners should now be adhering to Health Technical Memorandum 01-05:  Decontamination in primary care dental practices.
HTM 01-05 states that all sterilsers must now be validated in line with the HTM. This is to verify that the sterilser does fall within the standards laid down within the HTM. Any steriliser which cannot be verified or has not been verified should not be used. Only qualified engineers can now validate a steriliser.  We at STERILISER CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD are proud to announce that an engineer from our company can validate any steriliser you have in your surgery.

We at STERILISER CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD., are proud of the attitude of our technicians who are more than happy to give advice. ADVICE IS ALWAYS FREE from either our technicians or from our staff on the phone at ANY TIME. Contact us here.